Public Libraries: fighting cynicism

Sarah Mae: Radical, Militant, YA Librarian
13 March 1979
For the sea lies all about us. The continents themselves dissolve and pass to the sea, in grain after grain of eroded land. So the rains that rose from it return again in rivers. For all at last return to the sea- the ocean river, the ever-flowing stream of the beginning and the end of time.

-(from a t-shirt I used to have) paraphrase of Rachel Carson original quote here

I am a Radical, Militant Librarian

East Coast born and raised now living the LA area working as a young adult librarian. I have a BA in Spanish from McDaniel nee Western Maryland College. I got my MLIS at UCLA. My favorite band of all time is Better Than Ezra but I also like lots of other bands and types of music. If I wasn't a librarian I would probably be an engineer, architect, or something where I work with my hands. I like putting things together like furniture from Ikea.

I use a Diva Cup. Ask me about it, if you dare. :-)