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Better Than Ezra @ HOB Anaheim 09/27/09

Finally getting around to posting the set list. We arrived in the middle of the second opening act and Better Than Ezra came on late but ti was still awesome. I'm really happy with the new drummer.

BTE @ HOB Anaheim BTE @ HOB Anaheim BTE @ HOB Anaheim

Set List:
Turn on the bright lights
Black Light
Absolutely Still
Extraordinary (with cover of What I Got- sublime)
All In
King of New Orleans (with cymbal solo & ahnold solo)
Sincerely Me
I Just Knew
Night Clubbing
cover of Laid- James
cover of Miss You- Rolling Stones into Juicy
Desperately Wanting

Kevin Griffin solo cover of Jolene- Ray LaMontagne
Kevin Griffin solo Porcelain
The Loveless
In The Blood (with Courtney on cow bell in Don't Fear the Reaper)

was able to fill in my setlist holes thanks to Jody Jay on the BTE forums
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Movies I Want to See

X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Star Trek
Rudo y Cursi
Angels & Demons
My Sisters Keeper
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
(500) Days of Summer
The Post Grad Survival Guide
Taking Woodstock
The Time Traveler's Wife
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Movie Review: Sugar

Miguel "Sugar" Santos is a young Dominican baseball player who gets his big break in the US minor leagues. His story of struggle, culture clash and baseball is optimistic without being "Hollywood" and realistic without being super-gritty.

I highly recommend that anyone who has the chance to see this movie, go see it. Hopefully it will get a wider release soon.
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Intriguing Billboard

For the last week or so I have been passing a mysterious billboard on the southwest corner of Figueroa and Rosecrans. It has a white background with a photograph of a kitten. Next to the kitten in letters almost as tall as the kitten is SEX in all caps. There is a line of text above and below the word SEX but they are too small to read from the car.

Has anyone else seen this billboard? Does anyone know what it means?
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Goodbye 2008, Hello 2009!

2008 had a lot going for it:

1. Beatty committee appointment
2. 1st of many anniversaries with my wonderful boyfriend
3. A new reference librarian at work
4. Another year on the Summer Reading Program committee at work
5. My first California Library Association conference

but then I wrecked my car. Fortunately there were no serious injuries besides the cars. It was pretty low speed.

2009 is starting off with a beautiful, new, silver Corolla and a wonderful boyfriend, friends, family and colleagues.

My resolutions this year are simple:

1. Don't check any more books out of the Library until I have read all the books I've purchased and received as gifts over the last couple of years: (still needs more additions)


2. Get rid of old magazines. Go through them, cut out pertinent articles and recycle.

Happy New Year everyone!
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